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. there will be warmer spots including fresno with temperatures in the mid 90s. at least a few areas looking good today. again, we will track the chances for showers. we'll take a look out towards the next couple days. >> not too bad. >>> an awesome way to start the week. kind of a cake monday weatherwise. >>> wall street on stimulus watch, expectations for a new iphone and making a killing on coca-cola. your early morning business headlines are straight ahead. >>> plus hollywood suffers a historically bad weekend at the box office. >>> coming up, a thrilling finish for serena williams. rory mcilroy does it again. it's back, week one of the nfl. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning, and welcome back to "early today." i'm veronica de la cruz. here are some of your top headlines this morning. a government report says financial records are missing for about $475 million worth of fuel for the afghan national army. the international coalition can't prove whether the fuel was used by afghan forces, lost, stolen, or diverted to insurgents. >>> the afghan taliban is calling england's prince harry a
thanks to state bond money his vision of reality a brand of veterans home in fresno the first in the central valley >>> we got at 4 >>> a barber shop and general store where a clinic also and kitchenette >>> a virtual village of 240,000 square feet with 300 single rooms private bathrooms and landscaped space. >>> we have bocce ball and areas they consider on benches around bushes and trees >>> for rudy to know any a decorated world war two veteran who survived a death march a dream come true >>> average 90 who knows what will happen in the future >>> he signed up to live in the facility but he cannot even though there is room in fact you'll notice no unless your at all. >>> j.p. trembly with the california department of veteran affairs >>> the governor but said an $18 billion deficit, every department in california it took to cut >>> he says that is why the fresno home and another facility in redding a mistake and the another year >>> if we can head of irene dunne were looking at the fall of 2013 >>> gov. brown set aside $4 million in this year's budget to keep the two empty h
alert is out for two children abduct inside monterey county. 21-year-old edwards from fresno pulled a woman out of her car at a gas station just before noon. her baby daughter, 6-month-old and the woman's son, 6-year-old were in the car. the authorities say edwards was driving a 2000 white buick california license plate 4rkz823. and may be headed to fresno. >>> the coast guard is hoping to bring another child abduction on the high seas to a safe end. the mother of 2-year-old devin and 4-year-old brooklyn say they were taken by their father from south san francisco on tuesday. the coast guard is tracking a 40 foot yacht that he stole from alameda. today, a fisherman spotted that boat about 50 miles off shore where at least one child on board. >> he loves his dad. he loves them. i am hoping by the grace of god he will not harm them in any way. >> the coast guard tells us they are currently monitoring the stolen boat off of the coast with the hope of bringing everyone home safe. >>> the city of oakland is hosting a title fight this weekend. and ray ward is boxing in the bout. it is hel
in fresno, kern and sacramento counties. all of the victims were over the age of 80. this has been one of the worst years on record for west nile virus, prompting the certain amount of fogging to wipe out mosquitoes. just last night vector control fogged parts of discovery bay. >> campaign 2012 makes the bay area stop this weekend. paul ryan, seen here today, will be the guest of honor at a fundraiser at the danville home of former 49er brent jones and his wife. that will be followed by a trip to google headquarters in mountain view for a google plus video pep rally with supporters. tomorrow night ryan will attend a fundraiser in fresno. >>> flash flooding almost cost a truck driver his life. it happened when his truck got stuck in the mud. the driver had to climb on to the roof of the vehicle when rushing water slowly and then suddenly washed the truck into midstream. look at this. the rescue team used an aerial ladder and ropes to secure the truck and driver and then rescued him on the raft as you can see. the operation took about two hours. it was quite tense. thunderstorms dumped a
gas to flush a man out suspected of kidnapping and raping a 10 year-old fresno county girl. investigators say the 23 rolled suspect of stock in the girl on her way to school yesterday. she turned up hours later walking alone down a road with her hands bound. deputies tracked him down over night based on the girls description of his truck. they negotiated within four hours before moving in after dawn. >> a teenaged paw driver that ran down a concord family as they rode their bikes has changed his plea. the 70 year-old admitted that he is guilty of felony vehicular manslaughter and reckless driving in the crash that killed a man and one of his two daughters. after his plea changed he asked to speak to the family but they declined and said they do want to hear from him at a sentencing next month. he is expected to get the maximum of seven years and eight months but by law he can only be held until he is 21. uc regents have agreed to settle a pepper spray lawsuit with a $1 million payout. last november a group of uc- davis students were protesting rising tuition costs and after
nosotros. y las mÍnimas estarÁn entre 60 y 68 para fresno sobre todo. aquÍ en poco menos. y mÁximas bordeando los 70. y para la prÓxima semana estarÁn en en 71 grados aproximadamente. y nosotros aquÍ cerca de la bahÍa continuaremos en los 70 esto es todo, sigan con noticias. >>> gracias y despuÉs de la pausa todo el deporte. ♪. ♪. ---hoy hubo goleada en la mx. ♪. ♪. >>> hoy hubo goleada en la m x y aquÍ nuestro compaÑero con mas detalles. >>> gracias y comenzamos con este informe. >>> desde ahora voy a a buscar que todos sean felices y que este equipo juegue el mejor fÚtbol y pido que me den un poco de chance. >>> y los tusos tenÍan a la mÁquina pero torrado empatÓ y cruz azul y pachuca 1 a 1. >>> atenciÓn a este pase y santos ya ganaba 2 a 0. y pero vea la pared y que golazo y santos gana 3 por 1 sobre tigres. >>> monterrey ganÓ al atlas. entre otros resultados. >>> y en bÉisbol, este nuevo refuerzo comenzaba su carrera en este equipo. y al final los gigantes ganaron por 5 a 2. >>> y en el coliseo los medias rojas jugaban. y los atlÉticos de oakland se quedan
iglesia de guadalupe muestran la poblaciÓn en sacramento y se ve en fresno, san francisco y el resto del estado, una poblaciÓn que este 6 de noviembre podrÁ ejercer su derecho o voa voto. >> el a es reciente ciudadano estado unidense y se da cuenta lo importante de escuchar su voz. >> y todo los asuntos son importantes polÍticomente porque va a beneficiar a niÑos verdad. >> siempre vamos a estar escondidos. >> la comunidad de sacramento se da cuenta que el voto historia mahispano. >> el consejal da una manera de animar a los hispanos a visitar las ufrnrnas y durante estos dÍ
-old suspects are responsible for several other residential burglaries in the same area. >>> fresno state fraternity pledge has been taken off life support last night after he suffered brain damage during an evening of heavy drinking. police want to mow if hazing played a role in the death of philip danes from bakersfield. he started pledging a fraternity last week. he attended a party at the frat on friday night, and now fresno state officials suspended the school's recognition of the frat while the tragedy is being investigated. >>> the countdown has begun in charlotte. in just 36 hours, the democratic party will kick off the national convention. but already there is controversy surrounding the california delegate. abc7 news political reporter mark matthews is in charlotte tonight where the protests and the politics are already in full swing. >> the chairman of the convention is mayor antonio villaraigosa. you would think he would get good seats. >> in the back in the corner in the dark. >> you know i know where the california delegation is. >> yep, they are in the cheap seats. first ro
more. 80 at lake tahoe and 99 fresno appearing morgan hill will manage 90 degrees. 83 cupertino. brentwood 97 tomorrow. pleasant and dublin 91. 61 at bodega bay. we will cool down a notch or two temperatures coming down wednesday thursday and friday so mild week ahead. next weekend we warm up again. have a great labor day. i love that type. here's dennis o'donnell >>> did andy roddick played the final match of his career to date and baseball's hottest team tries to stay that way. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> it is good to be a bay area baseball fans >>> everyone expected the giants to be in this position but no one expected the a's to be in this position hottest game in baseball outscored boston red sox 33-5 the last few days. brandon inge now a spectator suffered a season-ending shoulder injury yesterday. look how far this home run goes. his 13th of the year. second inning steven crews turned he goes yard for first time in age uniform during that was enough, brad anderson with four strikeouts. boston down 6-1 trying to get back in the games. one run inning during it tries to test t
that sacramento and 99 at fresno. at the airport things look good, for los angeles parley cloudy skies rain in denver chicago partly cloudy and thunderstorms in new york. santa rosa cooler, 55 that livermore. in the south bay numbers top out in '80s tomorrow up to 90 at morgan hill, mid-90s in any doubt, 97 at the brentwood. santa rosa 85. 61 at bodega bay. 79 at sausalito. another one day to day tuesday we cool down, for next weekend will warm up a little bit again. have a great labor day. >>> a south bay community holds out hope for an injured firefighter we update his condition. >>> coming up on game day to die nelson the nba's winningest coach in goes to the basketball hall of fan, tonight he joins us in studio 4 game day the torrid pace of the bay area's baseball team continues we take you inside the oakland a's clubhouse it andy roddick still alive that the u.s. open and keep his career going coming up next on game day. chisholm oakland police issue warnings after two more people rob after responding to craigslist ads friday night one person is robbed at gunpoint another held up satur
but mostly sunny day tomorrow. for your re-count id is cold. ukiah up to 95. 101 in fresno. tall mid-70s. santa rosa 49 one of her own mid-seventies for much of the bay area san jose tomorrow at 80 degrees morgan hill 88, for the coast only 60s, 61 pacifica, at the far east, brentwood 90 degrees, 88 antioch, 80 at santa rosa, 57 bodega bay, stinson beach 59 temperatures in the mid '70s all this week and mid-80s for inland areas we appeared next week temperatures will stay in the mid-80s. no big changes. >>> g force in house for vern glenn >>> saturday a big day raiders go without a key player rest of the season on gary gelfan if you love offense cal allstate had funny for the first time since,, >>> two words for cow field goal. >>> you have to get it through the uprights. hard to believe the last time cal played ohio state 40 years ago in berkeley the buckeyes got the win. cal in columbus in front of 105,000 fans. second quarter cal down 20-7 a great one-handed catch he takes often goes to the distance. he gets called for holding the drive stalls caltrop light by 13 at that. brendan belo
bahía y hoy aprticipa en una cena en fresno para recaudar dinero para la campaña >> y barack obama inicio una gira por florida indicando que en 4 años más se podría levantar más aún la economía. >> se detuvo a jesús sanchez que era buscado en los estados unidos. >> el oficial fue asesinado entre la patrulla fronteriza y hombres de la zona >> estados unidos le otorgo inmunidad a este hombre por la masacre en la que estaba involucrado >> se le acusa de crimines contra la humanidad. >> el pronostico del clima. >> adelante stephani- >> las máximas en san francisco con 64. >> y palo alto con 70 >> la brisa llegando de la costa y napa con 16 millas por hora y cerca de la costa vemos nubosidad parcial y avisos de incendios parciales y en terminos generales vemos un tiempo tranquilo y la posibilidad de precipitaciones y vemos como arresta humedad dejando chubascos esta tarde y mañana >> oakland 54 e incremento de nubosidad y en la tarde se despejan los cielos con brisa del oeste y así continua el resto de la semana bordeando los 55. >> continúen con más. >> las autoridades del
. >>> esta cara y van a viajar a fresno para visitar a sus seres queridos. >>> tengo que ver a mi familia, el dinero va a y viene, pero hay que ver a la familia. >>> esta de acuerdo y dice que el costo de la gasolina es ridÍculo y que ella no va a viajar a ningÚn lado por el precio, pero di skce que de alg forma va a celebrar el dÍa del trabajo. gina "univmer dÍa del trabajo 1994 han ha sido celebrado. >>> para encontrar los precios no a gasolina tiene que a us acusado de ciertos cargos criminales. >>> si usted es una de los que toma medicamentos sin eleer la receta, puede ser mortal. >>> yo regreso con el pronÓstico del tiempo con mucho calor para la prÓxima semana ♪ ♪(mÚsica)♪. >>> el departamento de justicia de los estados unidos han retirado los cargos de los problemas que tienen y han d decidido no iniciar ningÚn sistema legal como uso de las tarjeta de crÉdito y esta vez t t investigaciÓn esta en curso ♪ en mÁs temas con el regreso a clases ya tenemos aumento de los robos de autos en los centros educativos, tenemos la informaciÓn al respecto de esta noticia a continu
degrees in fresno. >>> the trouble on the big bridgehead >>> he felt a bill to be elegant in a window well a lot places. one of the baby alligator is staying put. the reptile is sensitive to the noises. >>> he did not like the loud sounds. other than that he just lives there. >>> were told to toads had already be funded and navigator. >>> san jose is the owner and a competing chip is back at it again. >>> the son tummies and don't come buffaloed new york. the study rose to the occasion consumed ahead 191 wings. in just 12 minutes appeared this nearly 8 lbs. of chicken wings and on. >>> when i receive that i don't want them anymore. >>> offices open fire on to people in a cart ritalin it quotes in the layout. >>> democrats drew up for the convention. republicans say they have a question don't want answered. >>> the seismic retrofitting budget on the dumbarton bridge continues this morning. what to crews spent the weekend doi,,,,, >>> we're making progress what kidron's is. repairs on the dumbarton bridge or underway this morning. >>> that was the republicans term thus we had no stomach for
sunshine but unusually cold temperatures for this time of year. effect at 5 degrees in fresno and a net decrease in yosemite about 87 degrees in sacramento. 64 degrees a moderate day. about 82 degrees and warm in morgan hill 60 2:00 p.m. hockey in half moon bay. 80s but afternoon under mostly sunny skies. 62 degrees in san francisco and 50 degrees in daly city. temperatures will phillies steady in the lows are swing important, and as we head into the first the form temperatures begin to cool off. >>> @ towards a big british as to conceal it is the light right know if you're heading into a separate system. if you're heading into san francisco we have a pretty major street closer south of market street. howard street is struck dumb between good and forth. source have a congested traffic around there. for the meantime least the next 45 minutes these lanes of highway 4 of leverage in pittsburgh will be closed for overnight road work. it was however 4 is ok. for 16 to red wing it should be picked up where the run-up. was up 580 so far so good commander the altamont pass. the court in france
. the loss of even five in the fresno area at 93391 and its yosemite. 64 degrees of monterey bay. mostly sunny skies around the interior parts of the bay about seven degrees it set a clear. sixties towards hoffman day. inside the center by about 68 degrees and 0162 a separate cisco and 75 in santa rosa. as we look towards a week and things begin to cool down even more. we start talking of far as it begins on sat today. >>> i wanted a quick number getting somebody news in the south bay. into alarm fire and as a news crew going to the scene. a lot of the biggest applause of lee and clear up this morning air. no metering lights no delay. if you're heading toward dublin interchanges of me to get busy out there. had lights moving westbound said he spent traffic looks pretty good as well. 50 minutes coming through the wind turbines node to lead all the way up toward 680 at the dublin interchange. east on highway 37 and a lighthouse or approaching wilson avenue whenever they sold out big rig. he sang some slowdown in both directions of that area. that is a severe traffic alert. more some lanes
that will be on the ballot. >>> sphere construction cannot start next year on a 65 mi. span from merced to fresno. california and the feds will split the cost of the section. this still some potential goals of the project moves ahead. including a lawsuit from central ballot farmers put tolls on the golden gate bridge might not have to be released next summer as planned. the bridge that should set the projected budget shortfall over the next five years is $90 million less than the earlier estimate. this is the moves made that possible. the nhl lockout is just a few days old in the league has already canceled games for this month reported against the in jeopardy if some players and the union don't agree on a new contract this soon. >>> special endeavor is the and ready to leave houston for all passel. the spacecraft is on his final journey to its final home in los angeles. tomorrow the shuttle make a to arafat died at passing over the girl in the rich. there be a special feeling event. some of the other problem during spots include discovery museum and the lawrence subsidence. on its way to pass of the sportin
. a lot of '50s and '60s up towards the coast line. hot weather in the central valley and 98 in fresno 85 in yosemite. that alone will continue to track eastward. the warming trend a slow one as we head for the remainder of the week. patchy fog should begin to break up but will be putting the coastline. high pressure continues to build an overhead and will become hotter. 77 insensate 747 tel people inland's up to the '80s in some spots. as a make inside the day at 65 degrees and 7 cisco 72 in oakland. about opal does the bichirs likely to stay there at least upper is part of the weekend before clean on sunday. >>> we have a pretty serious problem on set pleasanton. the supplement the six atr shut down. there is a fatal accident involving a pedestrian in the roadway. all lanes are blocked we just got word from chp at the of the footing cars off of a southbound 680 and making them go towards less than 580. use of photo off ramp to get onto 680. if you are traveling any time in the near future to yourself some extra time. the investigation continues. it is a live look of the golden gate brid
in the central valley about 95 in fresno and 91 in sacramento. one fault autumn sunshine but after been. temperatures or two more back into the high 90s vote for the ballot. the measures for today looking at 78 in san jose 76 impala of so i 72 degrees and oakland 66 in oakland. little toast the bread for the weekend. temperatures in the upper 60s may be low 70's. cooling down towards the beginning of next week. >>> heading toward the golden gate bridge where traffic is so far so good. not too bad this you have across the span. whenever ports of an accident somewhat warm. if you're headed towards a 8237 silicon valley everything is ok. we're working on the dumbarton bridge expect delays use december to a bridge as an alternate. some early morning road work on may 80 or sings some i strive times. the symbolism was a downside of hog or four. >>> to bit of service members were killed today during a truck and afghanistan. there were tied by militants in the eastern part of the country. no other details are being made available. so for 285 new service members have been killed in afghanistan.
of sunshine and fog this afternoon. the cdc on somebody's popping up in the interior valleys. 96 in fresno 93 and sacramento 90 in sacramento. , is going to see the hottest of the church on sunday and monday as the rich flexes its muscle. patchy fog as the head throughout the morning that is when to break up a little bit. not going to be of to get rid of that entirely but there is one to be some nice weather. 82 in san jose 76 in palo alto 92 and lin would. 88 degrees and walnut creek. in the city of san francisco's 68 degrees. the hottest of the month as it looks like this one to be an upper 90s on sunday and monday. the changes coming late next week. >>> so far so good if you're heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza no delay its heading into san francisco. the meeting rights will not be turned on for another a little while. here's a look at the san mateo bridge. 40 minutes is a truck tire rut if he were heading towards foster city. we're all this a truck is flood of light. with a lot of fog this morning he. this is. you sit across the golden gate bridge. elsewhere more road work on it t
time yet. if 101 degrees in fresno to be plea mild and moderate. it's 59 up in your rica. we of morning clouds of the airports and services to. with western winds in the afternoon in a forecast height of 67 degrees. we have from a strong for chicago. but other than that denver and los angeles look pretty good carried with could be a notch warmer than yesterday. we've 80 degrees in san jose. we 62 at half moon bay. in the east bay, the winds coming of the west and northwest. we have 90 for brentwood. it's still offer the far east. will have 89 degrees. we've 80 in santa rosa today. and a 64 on a chilly side on the beach. and with the numbers and learned to stay in the mid '80s for the majority of the week. and writer on the bay the numbers will be in the '70s and the coast in the '60s. even we had the still stay in the '80s. we of low clouds of the morning and sun in the afternoon. and there's a weather for some day. have a great day. >>> to measures on november ballot are the increased taxes and will increase millions of dollars. >>> prop. 38 would raise income taxes for virtually every
up the day with a fundraising dinner at the fresno convention center. you can watch the video chat from google on or webs. >>> coming up presi the presidential candidates hit the streets to gain votes. we'll show you the key battle ground states. >> california employers must now accommodate religious attire and out in place people who wear it out of public view. a result of a bill signed by governor jerry brown. he was joined by several members of the sikh community, wearing temperature -- turn -- turbans. >> makes it veer clear very cler that a dress code must accommodate religious attire so so long as there's no undo hardship on the employer. they need to say you can wear that head scarf and turban. >> the new law has the potential to help the case of a woman who sued disneyland, claiming he was fired from a hose test position because of the head scarf. >> in palo alto 17 cars have been broken into. all been in parking lots, and all in the early evening. police say it does not appear the suspect target evidence any particular cars but believe the incidents are connected. >> maker
and the afternoon changing as we get closer to the winter season. 101 at fresno to day but down to the aquarium at monterey bay to pee plenty mild and 66. tomorrow monday forecasting morning cloud cover at the airport san francisco the western wind and a forecast by a 67 degrees with thunderstorms for chicago and other than that new denver and los angeles look pretty good. the fate area forecast with numbers a little warmer than ever yesterday at san jose and 80 and morgan hill and 61 a pacifica and 62 and half moon bay. it still warm in the far east of republic creek 89 degrees and 80 for santa rosa. the five to forecast called the numbers inland to be in the mid '80s for the majority of the week the bay area mid-70s and the coast mid-60s and went ahead they still stake in the '80s going with the cloud cover in the morning and sunday afternoon in chile and the beach and warm inland. >>> there's to measures and the november ballot to seeking an increase in taxes across the state to raise billions of dollars. >>> the governor's position would raise the sales tax and income taxes on high earner
virus. the bicycle messengers are playing a key role. and a club in fresno the n.f.l. replacement referee that blew that call, he doesn't let the controversy ruin his fun. >>> i'm sandhya patel. get ready to hit the beach. we have steamy weather coming our way. a look at temperatures coming up. >> berkeley backs stage for diversity. what was grandma's cold remedy? hi, primo! asopao! right, asopao! there you go cuz, so you can sweat it out! oh, and music... ( all ) music? ... heals the soul. the power to share unites us. verizon brings your entire family the savings of the share everything plan. unlimited talk. unlimited text. and data you can share with up to 10 devices, all in one plan. get the 4glte droid razr by motorola for $99.99. verizon. >> dan: i told you at the top of the news cast a deal has been made to get the regular officials back in the national football league. controversial call in packers-seahawks game may have been what have brought them together for a deal. in the middle of that call, a reporter spoke with the referee who has worked with him. >> n.f.l. replacem
, welcome to the show, how are you? >> so good! >> drew:bby, where are you from? >> i'm from fresno. >> drew: fresno, california. say hi to jenny mccarthy. >> hi, jenny! >> how are you? >> drew: all the way from fresno. >> i'm getting married on saturday! >> drew: oh, good for you. ( cheers and applause ) now, i don't know what we have for you, or what the game is, but it will be hidden behind this wig thing. george, what do we have? >> george: she is going to drive to the wedding chapel in her new car! ( cheers and applause ) it's the 2012 ford mustang v-6 coupe. enjoy the performance of a 3.7- liter engine with cold air induction while you hug the turns with the help of electronic stability control. it's the ford mustang. a terrific prize worth $23,105. >> drew: now, this game is a very winnable game. it's a lot of luck, a little bit of skill and a lot luck. >> i have my lucky bracelets. >> drew: we have five blocks there, each one has three cars on and it three amounts of money, $500, $1,000 and $1,500. now, you get one free roll. to try to win five cars. which is very difficult to do. in
. >>> ryan attended another fund raiser in fresno tonight. far from california's moneymaking machine mitt romney and president obama rally voters in crucial states on the east coast. the candidates get out the post convention blades. >>> mitt romney handed out hot dogs in virginia a state where he's deadlock with obama. earlier romney used the backdrop at a military museum in virginia beach to focus on looming defense cuts. >>> the kind of numbers and jobs lost in virginia between 100 and 200,000 i will maintain our military command. >>> he'll also attend and that the jobs report saying the president does not have what it takes to turn the economy around. >>> he does not have a plan or any ideas. >>> president obama greeted voters on it for through florida, speaking to a crowd in seminole, he challenged the republican clamed the country is headed down hill. >>> when our opponents say this country in decline they are dead wrong. this is america. >>> the president positions himself as a champion of the middle-class sang americans' basic bargain is at stake. >>> the bargain that says if you
primero de magnitud 4 fue en fresno, otro de 4,1 fue en la misma zona, otro de 3,5 en los Ángeles. >>> un juez determinó que el exgobernador arnold schwarzenegger no violó la ley al conmutar la pena la condena de un aliado político, a esteban nuñez y unos amigos lo declararon culpable de matar a santos, los padres de santos demandaron al gobernador por no notificar la decisión previamente. >>> un estudio ve que los hispanos tienen en el seguro de vida la razón de meermar preocupaciones. >>> pero los hispanos tienen menos posibilidades de tener uno, tenemos la información de por qué. >>> no conozco mucho de eso, no sé por qué. >>> es la primera respuesta de nelson valdés, aunque su esposa y su hija. >>>s on todo para mí. >>> pero n o lo pagan también por la crisis u otroas prioridades financieras. >>> estoy convencida que lo necesitamos, pero él está renuente, que no, para qué. >>> tú ves la necesidad de cortar todos los gastos que necesitaba y uno de ellos es el seguro de vida. >>> los lópez también lo tenían. >>>p agaba 120 al mes, pero por la economía tuve que cance
promises. from the bay area, paul ryan headed to fresno for a dirn fund-raising and off to a remote part of oregon where he will begin preparing for his debate with vice president joe biden, a little more than a month away. >>> 19 museum workers were arrested after barricading themselves inside the deyoung museum in golden gate park last night. they had been in a labor dispute with management for over a year. the protest happened during the popular friday nights at the deyoung museum event at about 7:00 last night. police say the workers were cited for trespassing. more than 100 workers at the museum have not been able to come to an agreement on a new contract. there was no comment from management. >>> in the wake of the deadly hanta virus in yosemite, there's word of another case in texas. a woman was infected at a house that was on a tv show about hoarding. in yosemite, officials now fear infected rodents may be in other parts of the park after a third tourist died. the west virginia man visited yosemite in july but he did not stay at curryillage where the other infections happened. th
to the north 87 at fresno, 74 at south shore. 82 toward the south northwest wind at 20 in santa rosa. extended forecast big pop been temperatures sunday by 10 degrees in and flirting with triple digits monday. vern i'm loving my a's >>> we have college football kickoff tonight stanford some home cooking on san jose state and roberta's the a's and night against boston,,,,,, at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those >>> quarterback position under a microscope at stanford first game of the post andrew luck era a coming out party for josh nunez 26 1/2 point underdog san jose state coming in. he throws on the uniform and gives it a go the replacement for lot the cardin
the wisconsin congressman headed to fresno for a fund-raising dinner. coming up tonight at 5:30 we will hit the campaign trail and see what the other candidates are doing today with less than two months before the presidential election you can bet their efforts especially in the swing states are heating up, diane? >> you bet, thank you. >>> police in pittsburg are investigating a shooting in a park last night that killed an 18-year-old man. the teenager was at buchanan park with four other people including younger siblings according to police. they were there to film a rap video. investigators say around 6:15 at group approach and an argument between the two parties escalated to the shooting. >> and it's very seldom that you find a young dude trying to do right. he wasn't in these streets. he didn't lived it. he wasn't out here, and somebody gun him down like trash, like garbage in the streets, that's wrong. it's just dead wrong. >> investigators are reviewing surveillance video from nearby cameras, but they're also asking anyone with information on the gunman to come forward. the shooting
at fresno, 74 at south shore. 82 toward the south northwest wind at 20 in santa rosa. extended forecast big pop been temperatures sunday by 10 degrees in and flirting with triple digits monday. vern i'm loving my a's >>> we have college football kickoff tonight stanford some home cooking on san jose state and,, happy birthday! thank you, nana send money to anyone's checking account with chase quickpay. all you need is an email address or mobile number. you're welcome. take a step forward >>> quarterback position under a microscope at stanford first game of the post andrew luck era a coming out party for josh nunez 26 1/2 point underdog san jose state coming in. he throws on the uniform and gives it a go the replacement for lot the cardinal first drive ends with points, stefan taylor scores it is 7-0 later nunez again but david carell he was 16 for 26 it looks like around, here come the spartans. the team thought that forthird quarter touchdowns and spartans tied up. they got a field goal to take the lead in the fourth. the spartans have to make it happen but no he's picked off by ed reynold
and of a fund raiser in fresno tonight. far from the california moneymaking machine both obama and mitt romney courted voters on the east coast. how the candidates kicked off the post convention bloods >>> mitt romney handed out hot dogs to voters in virginia where he is deadlocked with president obama, earlier he used the backdrop at a military museum to focus on looming defense cuts. >>> a kind of jobs lost in virginia between 100 and 200,000. i will maintain our military commitment. >>> he also took aim at the jobs report saying the president does not have what it takes to turn the economy around. >>> he has no plan and no ideas. >>> president obama greeted voters on his best for through florida speaking to a crowd in seminole, the president challenged the republican clamed the country headed down hill. >>> when opponents say the country is in decline they are dead wrong. this is america. >>> the president positions himself as champion of the middle-class. >>> the bargain that says if you were carted will pay off, the bargain that says responsibility it will be rewarded, and everybody has a
're going out of the bay 61 for eureka 90 degrees in sacramento and 99 at fresno. 85 morgan hill, 76 fremont, 62 pacifica. cool at the coast. inland you are flirting with 90 degrees. 89 brentwood. napa 85 degrees. bodega bay 80. stinson beach 66 degrees. oakland at 72 degrees. look for lots of sun this we temperatures by early warming every day. will be back in the '90s by thursday and friday. the numbers will stay in the '70s all week. they say the best whether we get is september and october. >>> more private school parents in california decide not to immunize their children the associated press and allies the number of children in private school or some or all for kindergarten found it is two times greater than those in public schools. the number of children of acting out increase 10% last year. in private school parents tend to be more skeptical of state requirements and have more money for ultimate health care. across the west this summer of the bear, today in los angeles. >>> memorial service held this morning to of honor public safety members to get died. the 11th year san mateo coun
the marine layer if you're heading out of the bay area 95 at sacramento and 99 at fresno. at the airport things the good tomorrow, 4 los angeles partly cloudy ringing in denver chicago partly cloudy thunderstorms in new york. overnight tonight mostly in the '50s. 55 that livermore, in the south bay phone number stop out and '80s tomorrow '90s at morgan hill. east bay 97 brentwood 97 livermore. santa rosa 85. 61 at bodega bay. 79 at sausalito. tuesday we begin to cool down, wednesday thursday friday we manage mid-80s inland and the next weekend warm up again. >>> new generation getting a high-tech makeover some kids exposed to new tech gadgets some as young as three or four. some are asking is it a good thing. reporter priyah clemens without one tech company caters products to children >>> for michael garner this is not played time these under surveillance several cameras and monitors and team of researchers applaud his every move. >>> kids are hard wired to learn >>> and she manages the learning team at leapfrog a maker of high-tech educational toys. do you think kids are learning faster
-old. at lert is only for monterey and fresno county. and sky 7 is show you amber alert signs have been turned on on south of gilroy as well as in san benito county. >> and the hanta virus scare is growing. officials extended their warning to tents at the high sierra camp. that is very popular with hikers after an 8th person came down with the disease and stayed at those high country camps. there are warnings being sent out to an additional 12,000 being told to watch for symptom that's could develop in the next month or so. three people have died from that disease. >> there is more reflections about the loss of one of their own. there is a gunman shot to death by another officer. vic lee road along that same stretch and is live tonight at john muir medical center that. is not an easy drive for chp. >> not. and today i rode with chp officer who is someone i've known a long time. and there is talking about the toll it's taken on him and colleagues. this outpouring keeps growing at the field office where officer kenyon youngstorm works. >> it under scores these people are connected to family and
are being recalled by a fresno county company because of a possible cal none mon fell law -- salmonella. statefullys say the recalled cantaloupes have a sticker that were sold between august 27th and september 10th. >>> tonight, on the news at 5:00, we are monitoring the turbulent situation? the middle east as we showed youer -- in the immediate. as we show -- in the middle east. as weigh showed you, the bodies -- we showed you today, the bodies killed were returned to the u.s. >>> thank you for trusting ktvu news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. we're always here for you at and mobile dñañy
provided us with the warm weather inland today, and that also provided record heat to fresno. 106 today and also los angeles was a record high of 100 degrees today. we have a trough developing offshore, and this is going to be a key player in our forecast starting on sunday. cooling trend, and it runs right on through tuesday as the wind flows more off the ocean coming in toward the land. that ridge of high pressure will continue to weaken. today's high temperatures were down by a few degrees by the way except at the coastline. tomorrow morning they are coming down on the cool side. you might want to bundle up. 49 in santa rosa, and 69 in antioch. most other areas in the 50s. the fog will start off the morning at 5:00 a.m. it is with us for a little bit. the first couple hours of the morning. and then pulls away. most of the bay area will enjoy sunshine. it is mild to warm weather. 90s inland. 60s coast side. it is going to be a wide range once again. our summertime microclimates. here are your highs. 81 degrees in the south bay in san jose, cupertino, los gatos, 85. 76 in redwood city
this evening, at leastp pressing 103, fresno 99. so, looks like an absolutely beautiful thursday across the area. we'll check in on friday coming up. >> look at all that sunshine in california. they have all the luck. >>> waiting on the fed. why omany people are saying no to bank accounts. and the end of blissful ignorance at mcdonald's. your early-morning business headlines are straight ahead. >>> plus, we'll tell you who "people" magazine named the best dressed woman in the world. >>> coming up, a coaching legend calls it quits, and move over, tebow, there's a new person in town. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning and welcome back to "early today." i'm mara schiavocampo and here are some of your top headlines this morning. >>> florida found only 207 noncitizens registered to vote and the state is rolling back its so-called voter purge in an agreement with civil rights organizations. republican governor rick scott had claimed there were 2,600 ineligible voters. >>> at new york's kennedy airport, a ring of 18 airport truck drivers and security guards were arrested, accused
just look at the incarceration rates across each of the counties, fresno, like county, population demographics to san francisco. and it's a law that impacts on a statewide basis is more sensible than leaving it up to each county because then you'll end up with 58 different styles and methods of criminal justice. >> tal? >> i'm the public defender and it's my job to push the envelope. it's one thing to talk about reducing possession charges from felonies to misdemeanors but i'm not sure that's going to change the color and demographics of the population in county jail. they're out there on the street sometimes selling small amounts of drugs. until we address that problem and expand exponentially. jails will still be filled with poor people and people of color. you're not ending the war on drugs. we need to think of at holistic play as a public-health problem. not as a rush also the people who are selling and people are selling a rock to a police officer pretending to be an addict. all those people need help. >> i think that have given my all for the cause. i will leave it to george
the state still warm in the central valley, 90s from sacramento, 91 fresno 97, upper 70s to low 80s san diego and los angeles. rockies take on giants, 57 at 7:15 dropping to 54. tomorrow and wednesday coolest days in the forecast. slow warming trend thursday, friday, saturday. another cooling trend could begin sunday. >>> good morning. live shot of 80 through berkeley, past university and on into the macarthur maze looking good light at this hour, that's how we like it. san mateo bridge from foster city towards hayward eastbound, headlights looking good, no problems, light on the westbound side as well as you head towards the highrise towards foster city out of hayward area. elsewhere we have that roadwork eastbound highway 4 closed until 5:30 this morning, eastbound at loveridge, westbound moving well as you head out. out of the central valley tracy towards the altamont pass, less than 15 minutes to the dublin pleasanton area. >>> new concerns about kids and salt. according to the cdc american children eat just as much salt as adults. that's about 1,000 milligrams too much everyday, cr
of the year. around the state we will find heat with 97 degrees in fresno and 91 in sacramento and 90 degrees as you make your way into the yosemite valley. around the bay dosimeters as high as seventies and san jose between '50s and '60s along the coastline, '70s and '80s a possibility as your head inland, and as a major way inside of the bay it will be breezy at times with a cool 60 degrees the expected high into san fransisco, 57 degrees in daly city and over the next couple of days those temperatures warming up a few degrees, that looks like we will cool down as we head into thursday and friday and by this weekend, by the way, the first day of fall on saturday, to be running well below the average for this time of year. come by and visit anytime you like. >> i like you at my desk better. >> that seems to work out, banks. >> and italian gossip magazine the latest to publish topless photographs of kate middleton, as a team across shows us, while the royal couple continues their trip through the south pacific, british lawyers are working to stop the tabloid scandal. >> the duke and duchess o
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